Parenting with Nonviolence

with Nonviolent Parenting Expert Ruth Beaglehole


Sun, April 30, 2023 – Sun, June 04, 2023

10:30 AM – 12:00 PM PDT


St. Be's

2109 Chickasaw Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90041



Being a parent/ally to children can be the most wonderful experience. And it can also be the most frustrating and difficult experience of our lives!!!! The Parenting with Nonviolence series is an opportunity to come together in community to learn, share concerns and challenges, and find support for our caregiving of children of all ages. The paradigm of raising children with nonviolence will focus on core values of nonviolence and the middot of AHAVA – love, SAVLANUT – patience, CHESED – loving kindness and RACHAMIM – compassion in our relationships with children individually and collectively. We will frame our discussions to include guiding our children with compassion while nurturing their confidence and creativity, supporting a child’s brain development, managing our own and children’s big feelings and anger, and understanding the power of self regulation and self empathy. And yes, we will talk about setting and holding limits with empathy. All are welcome - this series is intended for caregivers of young children, teenage children, adult children, and even folks without kids. Three Sunday Sessions from 10:30am -12pm: April 30 - on Zoom May 7 - on Zoom June 4 Suggested donation: $50/series or $18/session About Ruth: Ruth Beaglehole, MA. Consultant, Trainer, Parent Educator, Public Speaker, Nonviolent Parenting and Education in both the private and public sector. She was the founder of Echo Parenting and Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting parents and teachers to break the cycle of early family violence by learning the philosophy of nonviolent child raising. She has been a preschool/parent educator for over 50 years. Ruth is an international trainer, taking the work of Nonviolence in Raising Children to communities in New Zealand, Japan, India, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She was recognized as the National Association of Social Workers , California Chapter 2018 Public Citizen of the Year Award.

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